Top 6 reasons to consider a prepaid debit card payday loan

A prepaid debit card gives the flexibility to discreetly use your payday loan funds anywhere your card is accepted. Here’s what we think  the top six reasons you might profit from this type of loan:

  1. You don’t always need a bank account. With a prepaid debit card loan, your lender deposits your approved monies onto the card for immediate use.
  2. You can easily access your monies. Once your lender transfers your money to your card, you can use it to shop, pay your bills online or over the phone, even withdraw cash at an ATM.
  3. You can arrange your card for other deposits. Most prepaid cards can get direct deposits, presenting a way to quickly access to your pay check, tax refunds  and government profits.
  4. You could earn rewards with the right card. Some prepaid card providers allow you to earn cash rewards with your spending.
  5. You can choose from multiple lenders. If you live in a state where payday loans are allowed, you’ll find lenders to choose from. Compare the ease of applying and change to find the best option for your needs.
  6. You can use your fund however you’d like. What you do with the loan is up to you. Use it for car repairs, unpaid  bills or to get by until payday.
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